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Would you like to be an Operational or Non-Operational Member? 

Please decide if you are going to sign up as a Non-Operational (Group A) or Operational Member (Group B / C). 

All can be completed here but process is slightly different. 

Non-Operational Members
Non - Operational Members give their time, efforts and money to support ERT SAR.

Non-Operational Members do not deploy as part of a coordinated operational uniformed response.

They "Advocate" supporting memberships.  These are supporting memberships are for anyone who can help in a non-operational capacity.They do not see any front line operational involvement. Our supporters are highly valued contributors to the day to day administration and running of ERT SAR such as writing letters, organising events, fundraising, accounts support, etc. 

They may or may not wear a uniform but they do not wear the operational uniform if they do. 
They may wear the "Shield" shirt (as pictured above.  We encourage ALL Members and supporters to wear this shirt in a casual dress too.)

Operational Members
Operational Members deploy as a trained and qualified team as part of a coordinated operational uniformed response.

They can start the process by completing the initial application here online. The more information you give us the better.  Unless you have been told to or want to, do not have to submit any payment at this stage. Apply as a "Generalist" known as a SAR ENGINEER or B Squad Responder.  (After if you wish you may specialise as a MEDIC and / or RESCUER.) 

All roles are needed and vitally important to the work we do.

Number 2 dress uniform above as standard Service Uniform.


IF you would like more information please CLICK HERE. Please note that to apply to be an operational member you should be a FIT adult who exercises regularly between the ages of 18 to 70 years old. You should be able to travel to our training bases regularly and complete your minimum attendance sessions per year (say 10 for C Squad) plus online / distance learning.  Transferable skills are definitely an asset such as emergency services background, or engineering, IT skills, driver training, medical and rescue skills, etc. Personally, you should be a positive, constructive, problem solver and team player with useful skills and a good sense of humour.

Uniform standards are high in ERT Search and Rescue as are standards of conduct and fitness.  
You should not apply unless you can exceed those minimum standards.

Please note there is no Direct Entry to C SQUAD (HEAT TEAM) or D SQUAD (our International Disaster Team) .

Everyone is selected from active and qualified Group B once they have passed essential minimums.
  • Regular attendance is required from Operational and Deployable Members
  • Therefore you should live close enough that it is practical to attend sessions
  • Good personal fitness and a regular training programme is expected of operational members.
  • Non-Operational members do not have the same requirements as above
  • Operational member need to provide two written references 
  • You may deal with vulnerable people so criminal convictions must be disclosed and could impact application
  • You will need to disclose involvement in other part-time 'response' organisations such as military reserves
  • You will not be able to join if you are a member of another volunteer Search and Rescue organisation.
  • Your uniform must be well presented and uniform boots must be polished regularly
  • No drinking alcoholic beverages with 12 hours of a call out, at any time in uniform
  • No drinking during any operational capacity.
  • We also prefer non smokers
  • As a rule all training for members is free
  • You will need to purchase your uniform and pay an annual fee, the amount depends on the level of member. (All monies go back in to the organisation and none of it goes to anyone. We have no paid staff or members.)
  • It is considered good form to return your uniform when you leave
After this, your initial application your file will be seen and processed by a Membership Committee and if appropriate you will be invited to attend a general ERT SAR training session in the next few months and meet some of the team. You may even be asked to be an observer or to play a casualty / victim or even participate. No uniform will be required at this stage.

You will need to attend information and training sessions at the beginning and can withdraw at any time but once you join we ask all members to commit to at least 2 years with us - due to the time and cost of training up members. 


GROUP D:  Disaster Response - International & National.
There is no Direct Entry to Group D.
Team members are selected from Group C members who have passed minimums.
You would be selected for Home BoO (Base of Operations) or deploying International Disaster Team (IDT).

Payment can / should be made on this website (except for UK members)

(Payment of your joining or application fee for Canadian or other members worldwide can be made here, unless you are from the UK. The United Kingdom is it's own registered charity and have their own payment systems including opportunities for tax relief / gift aid. You still apply here but payment goes through a separate process.)

Please pay $75 online on this website (using the paypal method)

However, if needed, our banking details are:
ERT Search and Rescue
Royal Bank of Canada (Mavis & Matheson)
Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 3T2 Canada
Transit: 00143    |    Bank: 003
Account Number: 1008168

UNITED KINGDOM  -  Please go to the UK team's site at 

If for any reason you do not become successful in your Operational Application or if you voluntarily decide to withdraw your membership application, it will be converted to a Group A (Non-Operational) Membership

READ THIS: You can now sign up below for the level you intend to join like A Squad supporter or B Squad after speaking to our Seniors at a Team Orientation session.


IF you wish to join the international or the tech rescue team - you must first apply as a Responder (B)

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