The Guardians are the Group A members. Not Operationally deployable. These important supporters help support our admin and build awareness as well as get much-needed funding. Examples

  • Come out to some events (by request)
  • Coordinate administrative activities 
  • Fundraising and support activities

No uniform requirement. No fitness or attendance minimums* - Not deployable.

The GUARDIANS (A SQUAD) are invited to support ERT SAR through advocacy, awareness, word of mouth, event planning, public engagement, fundraising and donations etc. 

A SQUAD do not deploy on any missions nor have to come out to any training or meetings EXCEPT are welcome to come to attend the bi-annual symposiums. In its most basic form:

  • you pay approx $49 annual membership fee 
  • Advocate and promote the organisation
  • You can also get practically involved but not in an operational capacity
  • Not deploying to the hot zone or 'on the X' 
  • Supporting the member groups that do
  • That is an invaluable and highly regarded way to serve. 

EVERY member who joins ERT SAR is considered a GUARDIAN and help to support, promote, administer and look after the work of ERT Search and Rescue.

(* Although there is no attendance requirements - there are opportunities to participate in active administrative roles and committees and for those we do ask that you attend the necessary meetings or events.)

Members get a t-shirt, certificate and other items.

Updated: 12 September 2014 

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