TIME COMMITMENT: Due to the operational capacity of the team we ask that ALL Membership groups (B, C and D except the first (A)) you expect to commit to a minimum of 2 years with us and expect to have some level of regular attendance as described in the sections.

The team meet and train monthly on the first Saturday of the month. Specialists from C and D squad train more. Then those deployable members are asked to volunteer when a call comes in from our respective partners in the emergency services or international community (UN).


The "Responders" are B Squad members.

Average Type I attendance is 5 to 10 times a year. Your basic fitness is tested annually including BMI of less than 30. Free from criminal convictions & charges.

UNIFORM: The "Shield" t-shirt (pictured)

  • Civil Contingencies (I)
  • Missing Person Searches
  • Driving & Transportation
  • Radio Use & Communications
  • Logistics and Kit Movement
  • Planning and Coordination 
  • MBSAR (Mountain Bike) Up to Level 2
  • SAR Dog (Class I)
  • Active Instructing & Teaching

Most ALL deployable members start as B SQUAD and B Squad has many former A and C Squad in it. 



ALL Operational members start as GROUP B. Pictured are Group B and Group C uniform standards.


  • Deployable and Operational to Events, Cold Zone & Searches
  • Quarterly Attendance Min. (Min 1 to 2 times every 3 months)
  • Basic Fitness Test (SEE HERE FOR FITNESS TESTS)
  • Medical clearance (Good basic health. No excluding factors)
  • Proportionate Height & Weight 
  • Basic Uniform Standards (And wears uniform well.)

UNIFORM: Round-neck ERT shield shirt, Navy Blue trousers, black boots, belt

KIT / EQUIPMENT: Standard kit list will be issued and is carried in rucksack

TRAINING: Orientation, Level 1 Induction, Level 2A (Operational Course) 

ATTENDANCE: First Saturday of every month. Occasional others.

C SQUAD? 5 sessions, First Aid & CPR, BMI <30, Enhanced Fitness Test,

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