The H.E.A.T. TEAM train to be quickly deployable with high skills and specialist respources to the civil authorities when disasters strike as well as provide other forms of surge capacity. 


The H.E.A.T. team is the High Emergency Activation Technical Team or C Squad members and comprised of SAR Engineers, Rescuers and Medics. (Most all GROUP C members start as GROUP B, first.)

They wear the "Number 2 and 3 dress uniform (seen in the picture) and train monthly. Average Type I attendance is 10 to 20 times a year. Enhanced fitness levels and tested annually - including a BMI of less than 30. Most H.E.A.T Team have special skills.

  • Austere Environment
  • Hot Zone Activities
  • Medical Calls
  • SAR Dogs (Class II or III)
  • Technical Rescues
  • Emergency Services
  • Disaster Response
  • High-Risk Searches
  • MBSAR (Mountain Bike) L3+
  • All Cordon Activities


There are 3 main sections within the C SQUAD. These are SAR ENGINEER, RESCUER and MEDIC. 

All C SQUAD start as "SAR ENGINEERS" and then may become RESCUERS / RESCUE TECHS and one of 3 levels of MEDICS as they progress - possessing the required qualifications and passing internal ERT SAR Standards. 


  • Deployable and Operational to ALL National Activities
  • Monthly Attendance Min. (Min 1 time each month)
  • Enhanced Fitness Test (SEE HERE FOR FITNESS TESTS)
  • (If a RESCUER will do the specialist Fitness Test.)
  • Medical clearance (Good basic health. No excluding factors)
  • Proportionate Height & Weight & BMI <30 unless very musclular
  • Very High Uniform Standards (And wears uniform well.)

UNIFORM: Collared Polo shirt, Navy Blue trousers, black boots, belt

Other Uniform orders as required - such as Marine gear or Rope or USAR

If USAR also wears Number 4 dress utility uniform.

KIT / EQUIPMENT: Full kit list and is carried in belt kit & 2 rucksack/s

May also carry other speciality gear and equipment including rescue kit.

TRAINING: Orientation, Level 1 Induction, Level 2A (Operational Course) 

(L3) Specialist training, Technical Rescue, Medical training and qualifications.

(L4) International Training Course  and others.

ATTENDANCE: First Saturday of every month and specialist sessions.

Usually average 10 - 20+ sessions per year training & attendance. Not call outs

Updated: 12 September 2014 

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