How YOU can help us

We always need donations of money and kit / equipment. 

We also recruit volunteers and need dedicated and committed members.

ERT SAR (The Emergency Response Team - Search and Rescue) is a United Nations recognised Disaster Response Search and Rescue team and our primary purpose is to deploy during times of emergencies and disasters to alleviate suffering and aid the affected - usually by performing search, rescue, medical and assessments and coordination roles.

We also perform Search and Rescue for missing persons and support the civil authorities during surge periods when we are needed. 

ERT SAR is made up of skilled unpaid volunteers, many from the emergency services, military as well as disaster and business world to ensure that we can do what we do, effectively, safely and professionally.

We always need funds.     PLEASE DONATE HERE  |  AND  |  CHECK OUT 4 WAYS YOU CAN JOIN BELOW (A-D)

( Please note that to be operational and deployable at C or D level - you must start at B and move through the requirements. Membership is $75 )



  • Advocates & Supporters
  • Instructors & Admin.

  • Not Deployable
  • Least comitment
  • No fitness test
  • No Uniform Requirement



  • Deployable
  • Quarterly Attendance Min.
  • Basic Fitness Test
  • Medical clearance
  • Proportionate Ht & Wt
  • Basic Uniform Standards

B is also the route to join C and D



  • Deployable
  • Monthly Attendance Min.
  • Enhanced Fitness Test
  • Medical clearance 
  • Your BMI <30
  • High Uniform Standards
  • Usually Medical / Rescue

No direct entry. Come via B SQUAD



  • Deployable
  • Bi-Monthly Attendance Min.
  • Specialist Fitness Test
  • Medical clearance 
  • Your BMI <30
  • High Uniform Standards
  • Usually Medical / Rescue
  • International Courses
No direct entry. Come via C SQUAD

NOTE: All members are considered a part of all levels before - therefore ALL members are GUARDIANS. "A" SQUAD is not deployable but B,C & D are operational. 

To express your interest in ERT SAR and be contacted by our recruitng 

please read the initial selection requirements and complete the form HERE

Updated: 29 March 2017 

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