Tech Rescue 2 i/c
Steven had been in the fire service since 1996 and is a wholetime Fire and Rescue Crew Commander as well as a specialist qualified in water rescue / ice / mud, vehicle extrication, high angle rope rescue and USAR (Urban Search and Rescue).     
Steve is qualified in First Aid & Trauma Care Instructor, Road Traffic Collisions Instructor and is a Rope Pack Instructor.
He is also Water Rescue qualified, passed by DEFRA and qualified in animal rescue.
Steve is also a former Police Officer and has experience working for a private Ambulance company which is contracted out to the Ambulance Services for frontline cover.

He is a Rescue Tech. lead and 2 i/c of the Technical Rescue Section.

Executive Administration
Amanda has a Master of Science Degree in Disaster Management and
Geophysical Hazards and traveled all over the world as part of her work in this field as well as CBDRR(Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction).
She is trained as a Tech. Rescue Instructor in High Angle Rope Rescue and Swift and Flood Water Rescue Operations as well as NFPA Compliant USAR / Collapsed Structure SAR as well as in Mountain Bike (MBSAR)                                          
She is part of Faculty for DIMERSAR and actively attends further training courses and development in Disaster and Search and Rescue related work whether bushcraft / survival, Disaster management or Rescue Training. 
She is a senior member of ERT and specifically involved in Leadership and Search and Disaster Operations.


Paul is a (State Registered) Paramedic with a large UK Ambulance Service and has additional training in PHTLS (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support) and as an Instructor. Paul was the third member to ever join ERT Search and Rescue on its founding on 1st Dec 2002. 

He also had many years experience with the Territorial Army and the Police Service – earning his Long Service Medal.
He got involved with ERTSAR on day one of its founding and has deployed on many call outs / disasters, including the 2 missions to South East Asia, including the Pakistan Earthquakes of October 2005. 

Paul is an experienced Team Leader and Manager and is well read on matters of history, military and operational matters.
Tech Rescue Chief
Damian Cameron is a wholetime USAR Team Leader, Advisor and Trainer with the UK Fire and Rescue Service. He is also qualified in Rope / Line Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue (Outreach) and Chainsaw, hot-cutting, and Confined Space Rescue.

Damian is a qualified Teacher (Huddersfield Uni), National Training Award Winner with FSC, Diploma in Specialist Rescue (Coventry Uni), Incident Command Station Manager qualification (FSC), Incident Management of Land & Water operations (Outreach Rescue).   He is qualified in Immediate Casualty Care.
He has trained and worked all over the world including South Africa, Iran, the Gulf States and the EU (European Union). 

He is the ERT SAR Chief for USAR, The Marine Unit and Rope Rescue Section.

Executive Administration
Jamie Read is a Retained Fire Fighter with several years extensive experience on two different Fire and Rescue Services and leadership skills. 
Jamie is a Technical Rescue Specialist with qualifications in several subjects including Power Boat Level 2, Safety Boat, Swift Water Rescue Technician, Swift Water Boat Operator, and USAR (Urban Search and Rescue / Collapsed Structure SAR) 2 Operator.  He is currently completing his qualification as a Mountain Bike Search & Rescue (MBSAR) Instructor.                                          
Jamie has deployed internationally with ERT Search and Rescue and is a highly regarded member of the leadership team and had amongst high attenders, had the highest attendance of 2013           
Jonathan Cox has been a member of ERTSAR since its inception with over 10 years a member. He is also one of our senior Dog Handlers with several deployments with ERT SAR and other Police Agencies in the U.K. 

He focuses in K-9 Search Techniques and has many other complementary skills such as water rescue, rope rescue and USAR. He is a qualified service engineer with many certificates / licenses (i.e., Gas Safe Gas Fitter) and plumbing, etc. 

He has received Military training with the Royal Air Force and is the Managing Director of a Building and Construction Company managing a roster of several staff. He enjoys keeping active and outdoor pursuits.
Medical Coordinator
Nick Taylor is an IHCD Ambulance Technician and qualified in Blue Light Driving and an IMCA Life Support Technician and a Chamber Operator- Diver Medic.  Nick worked in the North Sea and around the world as Life Support Tech and Diver Medic.

He also worked for South East Coast Ambulance delivering training and crewing frontline ambulances.  

Nick is a qualifed Rope Rescue Tech and in the process of completing his Water Rescue Tech. as well as medical training in Specialist Casualty Management and is a First Aid Instructor.  

He has a diploma in Sports Therapy.  

He is the ERT Search and Rescue Medical Coordinator and is very well qualified in this regard.

Justin is trained as a Tech. Rescue Instructor in High Angle Rope Rescue and Swift and Flood Water Rescue Operations as well as NFPA Compliant USAR / Collapsed Structure SAR.  
He also actively trains and studies Rescue and complementary subjects to constantly improve his knowledge and skills – whether he’s doing off road 4X4ing or wilderness survival bushcraft.

He has deployed on International Missions such as the Pakistan Floods (2010) and the Philippines (2013) and is a senior member of ERT and specifically involved in Leadership and SAR Operations. He exercises regularly, weight trains to keep fit and operationally strong and enjoys training in the Martial Arts.

Virginia FOO

Deputy SAR Chief  /  Trustee
Virginia Foo is also the co-Founder of ERT Search and Rescue.  She is a Registered Nurse and has a background Policing and Technical Rescue.  Virginia Foo has a honours degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is a former armed Police Officer.
Her specialisms are Tech. Rope Rescue and Swiftwater and Flood Rescue and Disaster Response. She does a lot of charity / volunteer work receiving awards such as the County Council Unsung Heroes Award and the Thames Valley Police – Long Service Medal (for service to the Dog Section) and also with the Ambulance Service and community.
She exercises regularly and has completed many fundraising fitness events such as half marathons, Ironmans, etc. for groups like ERTSAR and Help for Heroes.            
Gary FOO
SAR Chief  /  Trustee
Gary Foo is the SAR Chief for ERT Search and Rescue. He is a disaster paramedic, has a background in Policing  (serving in the UK and Canada) and Technical Rescue and is a United Nations Coordinator.  He has some 25 years in the Emergency Services, starting Policing at 18 years old. He initially specialised in Use of Force and Armed Tactical Policing and also pursued Tactical Medicine and got into Search & Rescue in Canada.

He is a Technical Rescue Instructor in several disciplines including High Angle Rope, Swiftwater, USAR / Collapsed Structure SAR, Confined Space as well as Mountain Bike SAR.
He is a registered Paramedic and did his PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support) with the LAS (London Ambulance). He is a United Nations Coordinator and USAR Team Leader and Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Response Advisor.  He is trained and experienced in Incident Command.

He has deployed to most of the major international UN INSARAG disasters in the past 12 years as well as many others. Gary has led all the teams international disaster response missions around the world and he has been well supported by the many specialist members and leaders within ERT SAR since day one.

He has received many awards and commendations including the Unsung Hero award by Buckinghamshire County Council.

He exercises regularly and is a Martial Arts Black Belt Instructor and Founder of Philosopher and Warrior Martial Arts (est. in 1990.) 
He is a published author and recognised authority on International Disaster Response and Search and Rescue.

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