If you are interested in joining as an operational ERTSAR member then please read:

We are looking for honest, benevolent, fit, helpful and somewhat skilled team players with an ability to communicate and empathize.

We have two main membership groups:
  • [1] Operational (for national and international deployments) Group C & D
  • [2] Non-Operational Support Staff (NOSS)  Group A & B
Most of your training is free of charge (included as apart of membership) and there are opportunities to do discounted and more advanced certification training. 

It’s not just about being a clear thinker in a crisis, a good medic or helpful person with an adventurous streak.  (A medical background is useful but if you do not have one we shall help in getting you trained to a nationally recognised standard. Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses, Fighter-fighters and military trained personnel are encouraged to apply.)

We also have rather high standards for uniform dress and deportment and equipment use and care.  Members should be able to work in a small unit pair, operational Strike Team or interdependently as an invaluable member of a larger team - like a Task Force.

Before you apply consider the answers to the following questions:
  • Do you have any skills or personal attributes to contribute?
  • Are you willing to attend monthly training sessions?
  • Will you be able to keep and maintaining personal and team kit?
  • Will you train up for national or international deployments?
  • When not present, will you maintain good communication with texts and emails?
We cannot accept all applications and ask that you contact us first to discuss certain issues if you wish to be an active operational member. For example, you must be able to clear a Criminal Background check (as you may be dealing with vulnerable people like children or show that you are of good character as you may be entrusted with certain crucial information or high value items). You should have a good level of personal fitness, you should be free of limiting medical conditions. We also find that it is a practical and operational benefit to not have heavy smokers and heavy drinkers in operational front line rescue and response work.

Important points to note before attending induction and continuing the membership process:

Uniform standards are high for operational members. This may encourage some and may deter others.
Offensive tattoos and extreme haircuts that can’t be covered or changed will mean a rejection from membership.

A basic fitness standard is expected. It is not difficult but it is necessary to become an operational member.
Minimum attendance is expected. At lease once every 3 months, but the more the better.

In Canada, training and meetings are usually held near or around the GTA / Toronto. 
In the UK, training and meetings are usually held in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.
You will need to be able to attend here regularly. Please be aware of that if you live far away.

Remember all ERT SAR members are VOLUNTEERS. 
We would encourage you to apply if you can be relaxed and level headed in a fluid and changing environment and if you enjoy helping others and doing humanitarian emergency response work. Previous training and skill-sets in the medical, rescue, emergency and / or outdoor adventure pursuits are an advantage.  You will be expected to take pride in your uniform and wear it well while also maintaining personal and team equipment.  Please consider these expectations before applying. Thank you.

Application process to become a Full Operational Member in B or C SQUAD:
  • Watch this private online YouTube Video.
  • Complete the on-line application form. (Remember a photo)
  • We shall contact you to attend a Level 1 Induction and interview / chat.
  • Pay $49 application processing fee*
  • We also must complete 2 reference checks and background checks. 
  • You purchase your ERTSAR uniform, boots, duty belt and basic equipment.
  • You attend training frequently as possible, respond to texts and emails and gain experience.
  • You pass an Operational Training Course (L2 OTC) & Fitness Test.
  • You complete a certain number of months and training sessions.
  • Invitation to FULL membership.
  • (Promotions and specializations are now possible)
* Presently waived until 2016.

      CLICK HERE to find out any more frequently asked questions from prospective members      
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