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  • 01 Mar 2014 6:02 PM | Anonymous
    PHOTO: Members of Canadian Marine Unit which trains year around and maintain capability and readiness. The UK Marine Unit and Canadian Marine Unit maintain similar training rosters with crossover in standards.

    ERT SAR Members completed some compulsory Marine Unit training today including updates to their global programme on standards for Marine Rescue.  Following a 6 hours classroom based presentation the team went out and practised practical skills and rescue methods using ropes and communication relays.

    The Marine Unit minimum standards were updated this year and the induction for membership enhanced with practical and theory based learning, swim tests, coxing and crewmate standards as well as a 10 point plan for membership and annual maintenance of skills.
  • 27 Feb 2014 10:12 AM | Anonymous


    ERT SAR have launched this as a significant emblem of the UNIT after it's 10 years since April 2004 and the significant developments to come this year (2014).

    The original Marine Unit badge was designed at inception in 2004 and updated about 8 years later and this recent badge was approved by the SAR Chief, 2014 for the 10 year anniversary.

    It shows the ERT SAR shield logo over a fouled anchor showing the protection of the organisation (ERTSAR) and our partners over the unit and the integral relationship of the Marine Unit to the organisation.  It is a specialist Amphibious unit and the fouled anchor behind the shield represents all aspects of the marine and water aspects - showing challenge in all endeavours such as deploying to disasters overseas or the unpredictable and threatening force of water and behind the scenes - but with success and achievement overall. 

    The globe (in lines) behind represents the world and the international capacity of the unit and the ability to work and deploy 'anywhere' in the world and in any capacity and terrain - land, air and sea / water.

    So much so that we called one of our first videos from 2004/2005 that: By Land, By Air, By Sea.  (Watch it on a private link below.)

    (We were called OSAR or Oxfordshire Search and Rescue for the first few years but later changed our name to ERT SAR - The Emergency Response Team SAR)

    The circular aspect of the twisted laid rope represents the rescue aspects of the unit and the specialists equipment of the (marine) rope. The two flags represent the founding and established countries, The UK and Canada.  The blue icon centre shield represents many aspects including the 4 cardinal point of the compass and search as well as GSAR / WSAR and Air SAR. 

    The central green crest represent medicine as well as the bravery and dedication of the members of ERT SAR.

    This crest will be AWARDED to members of ERT SAR who have successfully achieved 10 requirements to earn the certificate and the badge including a swim test, a fitness test, The Level I and Level II MARINE INDUCTION, etc.

  • 27 Feb 2014 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    Steve Fox who is a senior with ERT Search and Rescue is also a full time (wholetime) fire-fighter and technical rescue specialist.  He was praised by a mother for saving her baby, who was born 16 weeks early, by performing CPR. 

    Steve was thanked for saving the life of the newborn baby girl in Aldershot.

    Steve Fox came to the aid of Vixen Drive neighbour Lauren Chapman when she went into labour 16 weeks early in the bathroom at her home, at around 9am on September 13.

    The quick-thinking 39-year-old performed CPR on the tiny baby, Sadie, who has now recovered and was finally sent home to her family on Friday.

    Mrs Chapman, 32, this week described Mr Fox’s intervention as heroic and spoke of her relief at welcoming her baby home after five months of hospital treatment.

    Steve also volunteers as a Technical Rescue Specialist and a member of ERT SAR. He recently did some outstanding work with the ERT Search and Rescue, International Disaster Team in the Philippines.

    (Pictured below: Steve Fox, Right chainsawing precarious fallen debris whilst Damian Cameron, safeties (left).) in the Quatero of the Western Visayas of the Philippines.)

  • 13 Feb 2014 6:39 PM | Anonymous
    [PHOTO: Members of the ERT SAR Marine Unit in Surrey during Flood Response today]

    A 10 Member team deployed to the flooded area in Surrey alongside the emergency services and military. On the way there was one nice story where the children in a local school came to thank them and everyone involved for the help they are giving to the community at this time. (Top Right).

    Bottom Right: 
    Team Leader Jamie (white helmet) oversees the vehicle and boat checks before going out. 

    Left Picture:
    Four members of our Swiftwater Rescue Team dressed and ready to go out. Lt to Rt: Tim, Steve, Rebecca and Amanda 
  • 12 Feb 2014 7:52 PM | Anonymous

    Photo credit: Andrew Parsons. Daily Mail.

    Members of ERT SAR and our specialist Marine Unit are deployed on 24 over flood response right now, working closely with the ARMY as well as Fire and Rescue Service, The Police and other First Responders. 

    ERT SAR has deployed its boats and flood response and swiftwater personnel as well as other medical and support crews to work along side the other specialist rescue teams in the area.

    As flood relief efforts step up the team expects to be busy helping communities in flooded areas and on waterways and it looks like it is gong to continue before it gets better. As much as a months rain in 2 days is forecasted along with heavy winds over the coming days.  

    Additional Source:
  • 11 Feb 2014 3:21 PM | Anonymous

    PHOTO: Members of Royal Berks Fire and Rescue assisting stranded residents in Staines-upon-Thames

    The UK has been hit by some of the worst floods in recent history with yet more wet weather expected to come. Currently there are 16 severe flood warnings in place - meaning there is danger to life and 124 Flood Warnings in other parts of the country.

    The warnings today reported on the Environment Agency Website, come after Monday saw further homes flooded and properties along the River Thames evacuated.  There are expected more to come.

    The ERT Search and Rescue - Marine Unit is on stand by and preparing teams for possible deployment.  

    If you may be affected by these floods please be careful. 

    Here's a leaflet from the RBFRS website.


    (ERTSAR is a UK Government DEFRA Flood Response Asset, and Internationally capable Flood and Water and disaster Response Team, recognised by the United Nations. ERTSAR been asked to stand by for the call from the UK Govt. /Fire Rescue Service National Coordination Centre.)

  • 01 Feb 2014 8:51 PM | Anonymous

    ERT SAR Senior and Paramedic Ryan Faye teaching how to cut and cook a wild rabbit and quail birds in a survival situation.

    This is an essential skills for ERT SAR as we often have to work in austere environments and must not only know how to survive, but also how to take care of others. Over 2 dozen members and a new applicants completed the training in sub-zero temperatures North of the GTA in Ontario.

    Pictured: Ashley cooking up the quail while Jen and Ryan look on

    PHOTO: Doc Rocco in winter snow gear with snowshoes and SAR Chief Gary Foo with Snow boots for our snowy sub-zero weather conditions.

    Pictured: Laurie cooking up some meat on the roaring fire! 

  • 01 Feb 2014 8:10 PM | Anonymous
    PHOTO: Almost 20 ERT SAR members and new applicants from the UK learning about field survival. [Amanada Regan teaching shelters and uses of Paracord]

    ERT SAR Senior Amanda Regan lead a course in Survival Training in the wilderness. This is an essential skills for ERT SAR as we often have to work in austere environments and must not only know how to survive, but also how to take care of others.

    PICTURED: A team of Paramedics )New Applicants) try out their wilderness shelter!

    PICTURED: Signal fires are not always on an elevated tripod!

    The group also completed the Standard fitness test which was lead by Seniors Jamie Read and Nick Taylor.  The team completed a 5 mile tab in 90 minutes carrying their rucksacks, which was immediately followed by sprints, rescue body carries, press ups, sit ups and other calisthenics. 

    Well done!
  • 25 Jan 2014 11:37 AM | Anonymous

    PHOTO: ERT Team Leader Glen, on an OP in Afghanistan.

    ERT SAR Team Leader Glen Villa is also a Military Vet and was out with his regiment on exercise when they came across a mass pile up on the highway near Trenton yesterday.  

    Glen and members of his platoon immediately stopped and helped out the emergency services.  Glen is a military vet and served his country in Afghanistan and several tours elsewhere. 

    He also recently returned from humanitarian aid mission to the Philippines where ERT SAR helped and treated hundreds of victims affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

    Video clip from the new below:



    Another great addition to Glen's story is a couple of months after returning from our deployment to the Philippines, he was at a Sports event in Toronto which supported the great work of the Canadian Military and he met one of the Civil Military Coordination / CIMIC Officers we worked with in the Philippines! Small world!

    PHOTO: Glen with Air Force CIMIC officer in Toronto, last seen in remote barangay (small island of Manapao).

  • 24 Jan 2014 10:32 PM | Anonymous
    PICTURED: SAR Chief Gary Foo in Singapore with members of the Civil Defense - Specialist DART Team: "Operational Lionheart".

    The Singapore Civil Defense Disaster Response Team had a great TV show made on their select for their Specialist International Disaster Team, on RAZORTV.  

    We have been to their fantastic facility and had the honour to meet many of their members and they are impressive and true professionals.

    Like most specialist teams, selection isn't easy and many get cut. We have played a clip of their selection training on our ERT SAR TV Page HERE.
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