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  • 18 Jan 2014 5:31 PM | Anonymous

    PHOTO: Operational Members of ERT SAR are all fitness tested to different levels. Here the team are doing press ups as part of the fitness test run through. 

    ERT SAR in Canada and The United Kingdom just completed the initial recruitment of 38 New Applicants hoping to join the ranks of Operational (Group C) Members.

    We would first like to thank and commend everyone who applies and who shares the vision of a safer more secure world, by alleviating pain and suffering and reducing the impacts of risks and hazards and subsequent disasters.

    Now all those in the process will have to go through an extensive process that takes on average 12 to 18 months to become a Group C - national Operator in Emergency Response and Search and Rescue.  

    This includes fitness tests, SAR Screening, participation in exercises, demonstrations of positive team work, proactive behaviour, regular attendance and passing several foundation courses. Qualifications and experience in complementary activities such as Medicine, First Aid, Technical rescue, Disaster Response, Military and Emergency Services etc., is also highly regarded.  (Unfortunately we do not accept members from other volunteer Search and Rescue teams due to the commitment on both and it is sometimes like poaching.  We also expect members to attend frequently and have very positive contributions to the organisation and our vision.)

    We would like to congratulate everyone so far and welcome them to the organisation.

    If you would like to support ERT SAR as a non-operational (Group A "Advocate" or Group B "Back up Supporter) please get in touch and sign up HERE.  You will get a nice member pack and t-shirt ("The Shield") pictured below.


  • 11 Jan 2014 8:02 PM | Anonymous
    PICTURED: Dr Rocco Lombardi and Paramedic Ryan Faye demonstrate and explain baseline vitals.

    Doc Rocco talking about distal pulses and arterial pressures. TWITTER

    As a Specialist Emergency Response Team (hense our name) ERT SAR has to cross train in several specialist disciplines while maintain a broad capacity to respond to many types of disasters and emergencies.

    One of those specialist subjects in Emergency Medicine and whether you are a professional Medic with a protected title (such a Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic) or a from line Technical Rescue Specialist, care for our patients and disaster victims often starts with medical and healthcare needs.

    The team train regularly in this regard and here we have the team learning about Emergency Medicine and baseline obs in remote and austere environments.

    More pictures on Twitter. Follow us of you don't already! :-)
  • 08 Jan 2014 10:38 AM | Anonymous
    Photo: Flooding in the UK. Source picture: BBC

    The United Kingdom has been hit by some more devastating floods all over the country with heightened Environment Agency Floods watches covering much of the inland waterways.

    ERT SAR is a DEFRA Listed Asset and on the list of Government specialist teams capable of deploying to flood and water disasters like this.  Last month members of the ERT SAR Specialist Amphibious section "The Marine Unit" deployed to Norfolk with the Fire Service and other CCA Category One responders.  (ERT SAR has both Type B and Type C specialist teams.)

    Further news on the floods here at the BBC

    Those who live in or near flood plains should take steps to protect themselves and avoid travelling into risk areas.  Do not take chances travelling through flood areas. Even a low but fast moving water area is capable of knocking a man off his feet and taking him in the current of water!


    ERT SAR Marine Unit has deployed to Flood and water disasters all over the world including the 2004 Boxing day Tsunami, the Floods in the UK of July 2007, the 2010 Floods in the Indus River of Pakistan and others since it's founding in April 2004.  This is the 10th year anniversary of this specialist amphibious unit which was founded by SAR Chief Gary Foo (in the video below).

    Here is a BBC news clip of the UK Flood Response: July 2007

  • 07 Jan 2014 9:38 PM | Anonymous
    Pictured: ERT SAR Commander Dr. Rocco Lombardi, in the Philippines, returning after our mission in response to Typhoon Haiyan two months ago. Left to right: Honorio Alonzo, James Deakin, Francis Bonnevie, Dr Rocco Lombardi and Junep Ocampo. Thank you for your support!

    ERT SAR have established a Level 2 Field Support Section in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan and the fantastic Emergency Response work of the team there.  

    We have great local support there and have already send a lot more medical aid and networked with aid partners and humanitarian organisations and NGOs as well as Government.  We have also developed a partnership with the Government in Capiz on Panay island to further support their resilience as well as local people in the Philippines who were affected by the Typhoon and as a form of Capacity Building against future disasters.

    Noteworthy mention to Doctor Rocco who has been back since and delivered more humanitarian aid and support.  Our work continues here.

    Please support our Humanitarian Work.

    You can donate to ERT SAR HERE.  Thank you.

  • 06 Jan 2014 1:31 PM | Anonymous

    Today is the cut off date for applications to join ERT Search and Rescue as an Operational member.


    It takes special people who want to help others and give their time and skills to alleviate suffering and rescue victims of disasters and emergencies.  Every year thousands of people volunteer their time in many walks of life for others or donate their money to support important causes. 


    ERT SAR is somewhat unique as a highly specialised emergency service, who, at its highest levels - includes extremely well trained team members, many of whom have a background as professional rescuers, members of the Emergency Services, Military and Medics.  We have in our communities retired military, former and serving emergency services and others with skills and training that can help others. But further than that we seek those who share our standards and vision.  


    We thank all the dedicated frontline Operational members of ERT SAR who come out year around and train, practise, exercise for that call... to help others in need.  We thank you all and those who support us. 

  • 01 Jan 2014 9:33 AM | Anonymous

    On behalf of our Members, Supporters and Friends we would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

  • 27 Dec 2013 7:22 PM | Anonymous


    ERT Search and Rescue were honoured to receive a Thank You letter from the Governor of Capiz, Victor Tanco, in the Philippines.


    Some of the team are pictured here (Left to right) Steve Fox, Justin Levine, Virginia Foo, with Military CM Coord Liaison Officer, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Officer, United Nations OCHA Coordination Officer, SAR Chief Gary Foo, Capiz Govt. Governor Victor Tanco, Amanda Regan. Nick taylor, Dr. Rocco Lombardi and Sean O'Neill.





  • 23 Dec 2013 12:33 PM | Anonymous

    Picture source:

    Ontario was hit by one of the worse Ice Storms in many years.  

    Freezing rain and rapidly plummeting temperatures caused huge damage and impacted the GTA and across Ontario. Trees and large tree limbs came down and cars and property was damaged.  

    Some 300 000 homes were without power just days before Christmas.

    Members of ERT SAR were on a heightened state and many members in their day to day jobs were called out to respond to the overwhelming need for emergency response and service. 

    Usual resilience practises apply:

    • Keep your cell phones charged and extra mobile chargers handy for if your power goes out
    • Find extra fuel sources (like gas heaters) and blankets
    • Keep water and food supplies to hand
    • Ensure your car fuel is topped up to full and kept up
    • Avoid 'congesting' essential networks: Don't call 911 unless it is 911.  Don't call the City Works unless necessary. Don't go out int the roads unless the trip is necessary. These things allow others to step up more focused on the ice response without unnecessary distractions.
    • Remember to keep in touch with family / friends

    Build your 72 hour self rescue / resilience kits so that you have them in times like these.  Running to Canadian Tire or WalMart when the storm hits may always be necessary but reduced if you build your kits in the 'regular' downtimes of these 'rapid onset' disasters.

    Make sure any family and friends who are medically dependent are contacted and if possible ensure they stay with others and are not alone.


  • 23 Dec 2013 8:45 AM | Anonymous

    ERT Search and Rescue were honoured when His Excellency, The Philippines Ambassador Leslie Gatan sent ERT Search and Rescue a lovely thank you letter for the teams work in deploying to the Philippines.


    Members from Canada and the United Kingdom, deployed to some of the worst hit but still not accessed areas as a coordinated operational arm recognised by the United Nations. 


    For almost 2 weeks the team used their specialist skills to treat hundreds of victims, clear debris with chainsaws, perform assessments and deliver aid but helicopter, boat or military trucks. 


    The team were honoured when this letter arrived from Hs Excellency and despite having returned to Canada and the UK, their work continues as they send out more aid and support the recovery phase. 



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