ERT SAR is a United Nations Recognised International Disaster Response Search and Rescue Team and a DEFRA / NFPA compliant flood & swiftwater rescue team



International Deployments

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ERT Search and Rescue was originally founded in the UK on 1st December 2002 and was registered as a charity in England and Wales in 2004.  It's genesis was many many years before then, when the couple were involved with the emergency services and involved in many rescue medical and humanitarian activities as volunteers.  They were both serving armed Police Officers with medical and rescue skills and wanting to gather a group together to help suffering victims for free when disasters or emergencies struck. ... and so the team was born. 


The UK team was originally founded and based in Oxfordshire and when founded in 2002 was known as Oxfordshire Search And Rescue (OSAR). That was also the name registered with the Charity Commission, named after the location of the County the team was founded. 

Subsequently, after three International Disaster Missions, the team decided to rename to ERT SAR (The Emergency Response Team - Search And Rescue in 2006 to reflect the international disaster response work it was involved in.

ERT SAR is still known as OSAR (Oxfordshire Search and Rescue) but the usual name they now go by is ERT SAR (The Emergency Response Team - Search and Rescue)


In 2010 the Canadian branch of ERT SAR was started in the GTA, Toronto.

The standards to become a member was high and continues to this day with regular training and high standards of training, fitness, equipment, SOPs, team work, etc. All ERT members are volunteers from a variety of different backgrounds especially the emergency services and military.


ERT SAR has deployed to disasters all over the world and aided Countries, Governments, Organizations, Citizens, Suffering and Displaced People and supported in Disaster Risk Reduction and Capacity Building.   
We are a United Nations recognized INSARAG Search and Rescue Team. 
(We are also a UK DEFRA Asset for Flood Response.)  The team can be deployed by Government, Crown Agencies, through bi-lateral arrangement or when an request has been made for international assistance.        
Emergency Response Team Search and Rescue (ERTSAR) is an INSARAG listed international disaster response charity and Non-Government Organisation with bases in Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom and Toronto, Canada.
ERT SAR was established to relieve suffering and distress among persons affected by hazards, risks, emergencies and disasters across the globe. ERTSAR provides emergency and disaster response, search and rescue and medical teams to deploy and respond to help others, reduce suffering, preserve life and establish a place of safety where possible to aid recovery.
 ERTSAR’s operational members cross-train in multiple specialist and advanced subjects such as search, technical and high angle rescue, swift water and flood rescue, whilst also developing a strong base in International Emergency Response and our role in the global Disaster Response Cycle.

ERT Search and Rescue has many specialist units such as USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), Tech. Rope Rescue and Medical Section and has a whole amphibious section, founded in April 2004, known as the Marine Unit.

ERTSAR is a DEFRA listed Flood Response Asset (Type B & Type C) team in the UK and has a team of qualified Water Rescue Personnel at all levels (Modules).

ERT SAR also responds to high-risk / despondent missing person searches alongside the police.   

Our vision is a safer, more secure and prepared world against emergencies and disasters of all kinds.



Emergency Response and Search and Rescue

  • International Disaster Response (Acute / Emergency Phase)
  • National Disasters (Acute / Emergency Phase)
  • Medical Needs (Primary / Emergency and Tertiary care)
  • Search and Rescue / Technical Rescue (inc. USAR for Collapsed Structures and Water Rescue)
  • inc. Technical and specialist search 
  • High Risk Missing Person Search





Relief, Recovery, Humanitarian Aid, Capacity Building, Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness, CBDRR / DRM (Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction / Disaster Risk Reduction)

  • In any disaster the need to plan and support victim recovery
  • Relief operations and front line delivery of Humanitarian Aid
  • Disaster Assessments and Mapping / Reporting
  • Hazard and Risk Management
  • Ongoing support, preparedness and Mitigation


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