[Jan 2014]
This show by RazorTV in Singapore filmed members of Singapore's Civil Defense Force (SCDF) Operation "Lionheart" which is the specialist humanitarian disaster response team also known as "DART".

Some of us have been there and have been impressed with the professionalism of these specialist rescuers.  This episode talks about ET (Emergency Teams) who are assign (more commonly known as RIT / RIC = Rapid Intervention Teams / Crews) to rescue other members and here they do a confined space exercise with full SCBA as part of selection training. 

There were many other interesting episodes. You can google or search them on YouTube.

We have had the privilege of meeting and observing the training of these guys a few times (mostly in the private secured compound Ubi Road at the SCDF HQ) and they are absolute professionals and train to a high standard.  They also had a lot of great kit and equipment!

SAR Chief Gary Foo (2nd right) with DART Commander and Chief Alvin Tan and Melvin and Janice. (Absent: Jason Chua). 

The specialist SCDF DART team are an amazing team of specialists and are very large in number with many deployments in Singapore and around the world.

During the stay we observed high level training and testing of candidates in blistering heat conditions in full turn out gear, and carrying BA and full respirators up and down stairs etc.

We also shared stories of different missions, and organisational lessons.
<-- [PICTURED LEFT: SAR Chief Gary Foo (2nd right) with DART Commander and Chief, Alvin Tan and Melvin and Janice. (Absent: Jason Chua). (Seen in the video above.)

A tour of the vehicle bay, (The Red Rhinos, the Fire bikes) the DART equipment centre, the Haz-mat / CBRN trailer, the Fire and Rescue and training tower. 

We also received a tour of the Central Fire Station (Built 1905).  The Civil Defence Heritage Gallery housed in Central Fire Station showcases the history of firefighting in Singapore, and reveals the developments of civil defence in Singapore from the 19th century till today.

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